Law of Attraction Fundamentals
Gratitude Is the Foundation for the Law of Attraction

If you are grateful, you have no choice but to maintain a positive attitude. Even if it is for one particular aspect of your life, gratefulness gets you to focus on that. People appreciate gratitude. When you thank someone, it gets them to be drawn to you. This is why it’s the foundation of the Law of Attraction (LOA).
What if you could create an environment where you are grateful for many other aspects of your life? Sometimes, it’s simply thanking someone for doing something that you have always taken for granted. If your spouse does your laundry and you haven’t thanked him or her lately, do so. Try being grateful for people who are in your life each and every day. It may take them by surprise when you thank them for this, but you’ll find they will appreciate your gratitude.

You want to make sure that you are genuine in your gratefulness. Some people use a false gratitude, or they thank people when they don’t really mean it. Not only will those people see through this guise, but the negative energy will also come back to you. It’s not worth it. Mean what you say when you are grateful.

If you make it a habit to be grateful, you train your mind to think in this mode. You will be less likely to think negative thoughts over time. Your neural pathways will be overwhelmingly positive. You slowly become a positive person simply because you were grateful for all that you have and everyone you know.

At the beginning of the process, it’s easy to slip back into that negative feedback loop. This negativity is all around us. Therefore, it’s a good idea to write down everything and everyone you are grateful for. However, don’t flood your page with a full list on the first day. Start with one or two items and repeat those items out loud in the morning and at night. Do this for one week and then write a couple of other items.

Granted, as your list increases, it will take you more time to read them off each day. But you will continue to set up your brain on the path of gratitude. After a while, you won’t have to repeat all of the phrases as they become more a part of your thinking. At that point, concentrate on new items that you want to add to your list.


The Difference Between the Law of Attraction and Goal Setting

Many people mistake the Law of Attraction (LOA) with goal setting. In some cases, there are similarities between the two. People don’t always get goals right. Of course, people don’t always get LOA right. However, when you figure out how to use LOA, it will work. People can continue to strive for goals that bring them down the wrong path.

This is not to say that you can’t use LOA to help you achieve your goals. This could be the reason why people get them confused. Some believe that if you try to set the wrong goals or your goals are too aggressive, LOA will be used against you because you will stress out by not being able to accomplish those goals.

In this way, goals can be looked at as the path you set whereas LOA is the power or the engine that will get you there. When you create a plan (your goals), you focus on the positive aspect of the plan and how it can get you to where you want to be in life.

Do you need to have goals to use LOA? Take finding a mate, as an example. You may go out on more dates every month. You may think this is a goal. But will it result in finding someone? It may, but will that person be right for you? When LOA is used, proponents believe that you will find the right person due to what you put out into the universe.

The big dating websites will state they have the scientific formula for choosing the right mate. Perhaps they do a good job. But, can they beat LOA when it comes to finding love? Does the very nature of using one of these sites set the stage for the correct components needed using LOA to find that mate? It does get you to focus your attention on thinking about the right qualities you find desirable.

There are people who believe that when you stop looking for love is when you tend to find it. This goes against the grain of both the LOA believers and the dating websites. Then again, from the LOA perspective, perhaps you have put out to the universe the proper requirements needed. Then, when you stop stressing about trying to find the perfect person by not thinking about it anymore, you are rewarded with finding someone. This can happen without even turning on your computer.


The Miracles of the Law of Attraction

When people speak of miracles being performed, it could be that the Law of Attraction (LOA) was used. After all, it is what many believe to be the force that gives people what they desire. This is not to say that miracles don’t exist in the spiritual realm. Then again, whose to say they are not one and the same. The people performing miracles could be using LOA under the guidance of that spiritual realm, even if they don’t realize the connection.

But, then you have to wonder are events such as increasing wealth and notoriety considered miracles? It could be to the people it happened to, especially if they were struggling previously. But, why should others care if you became rich using these techniques? Unless you use the money to help them in some way, they won’t see it as any kind of miracle.

What happens to people who use LOA to increase their wealth and then squander that wealth? The likely result is they won’t stay happy as they have shifted their focus to “the dark side” of LOA. Yes, it is very much like the concept of the Force, in the Star Wars movies. George Lucas, who claims to be a Buddist and a Methodist, loosely based the concept of the force on Buddist principles. Buddism largely adheres to the concept of LOA, although it may be called something else in their inner circles.

When people acquire wealth using LOA, and they apply the wealth to good use by helping others, this then becomes a miracle for the people in need of that money. These people are drawn to the person giving. Hopefully, they will use the opportunity as a pay-it-forward situation and help others out when they get the chance. This helps to keep the power of the miracle going on into the future.

Not everyone who receives these so called miracles will view them as miracles and unfortunately, may do wrong with the help they receive. This happens all too often when money is given. It’s not always the case, and several people will see the gift for what it is and try to do good with it. But, you’ll get the inevitable few who will abuse it. When this happens, the whole cycle of goodness for the miracle ends with that one person. If only they knew what kind of power they possess when they receive that gift!


Using the Law of Attraction at Work

Can you use the Law of Attraction (LOA) at work? Of course. However, if you make any grand statements that you are doing it, expect some pullback from your coworkers. Not everyone will champion your efforts.

Then again, who needs to know you are doing it? Unless you have some people you can trust this information with, why not keep it to yourself? It’s a thought process, anyway. Why do they need to know what you are thinking? It’s none of their business.

Some companies are embracing the concept of LOA, and why not? Creativity is the net result of it and what company wouldn’t want its employees to be more creative. Small business owners are also embracing the concept to try and increase sales for their business. Businesses that have not embraced it will likely do so in the future as the concept takes hold.

Employees who are more creative and encouraged by the company to be so will enjoy their jobs more than those less creative. When employees enjoy their jobs, they will contribute more, and they will champion the company and its mission. This can be a great opportunity if you own your business and have employees.

Start small by implementing the techniques yourself. Hire a coach or consultant who is an expert in LOA. You can be the guinea pig, or you can select a well-trusted employee to try it out. If it works out well, you can implement the program company-wide.

It’s natural to hit some resistance in the beginning. But, as more employees participate in the training and implement it in their work, others who were resistant, will likely take to it. There may be one or two who simply refuse to accept anything new. This is usually a telltale sign of the troublesome employees.

If you don’t have your own business and work for someone else, there are plenty of resources you can explore online and at your library. Simply search for the phrase, “law of attraction” and see what kinds of results you get back. It’s wise to start small, perhaps a book or two on Amazon or the library. Take a look at some videos on YouTube to see what it’s all about. After you get proficient, you can try to hit up your boss to fund some training on the subject. Or, you can simply fund it yourself. You won’t have to worry about the cost because you will have the tools necessary after the training to more than make up for it!

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